Airline Catering

EGYPTAIR IN-FLIGHT SERVICES prepares food and beverages as per menus agreed upon with the airlines, taking into consideration
the needs and desires of passengers.
The company holds presentations of food & beverage providing many choices for each airline and facilitating the process of menu planning.
It provides its services to EGYPTAIR AIRLINES, domestic flights, Cargo flights, and several foreign carriers in Cairo International Airport,
Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh Airports.
EGYPTAIR IN-FLIGHT SERVICES Company is recognized as the first and only company to cater Royal, Presidency, and VIPs flights.
EGYPTAIR IN-FLIGHT SERVICES provides special meals that are suitable for all cultures and religions of the passengers.
It also provides all the passengers who have allergies towards artificial seasoning, spices or synthetic coloring with special meals such as:

  • Bland Meal / Soft Meal
  • Diabetic meal
  • Gluten Free Meal
  • High Fiber Meal
  • Low Calorie Meal
  • Low Cholesterol Meal / Low Fat Meal
  • Low Protein Meal
  • Low Salt Meal
  • No Lactose Meal
  • Low Purines Meal
  • Vegetarian Meals

Note: All meals on board of MS Flights are Muslim meals (Halal).
Cairo catering complex is providing more than 30,000 meals per day for all classes (First, Business, and Economy Classes beside crew meals)
While the production of Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh Catering Units; mounts to more than 7,000 meals per day.